Without Rice…

I’m starting this blog as a way to write more and to track our progress as my husband and I start the Paleo Plan.

We started the plan on New Years as a way to eat better and loose some weight in the process. We don’t own a scale, so this isn’t a numbers game, it’s just way way to live our life’s better.

Before we would eat way too much rice at every meal and never get enough fruits or vegetables. According to the plan, we are now focusing our meals on meat, fruits, and vegetables. We’re using this site: paleoplan.com to help guide our way through this new life style.

Tonight’s meal was a delicious teriyaki chicken on a bed of romaine hearts, and for the first time we both ate an Asian meal without rice. Image

Our dessert to the plan  was bananas with almond butter and coconut. I would post this picture, but the picture doesn’t serve it justice.

Salad has been a welcome addition to our diet, our first paleo meal was a chef salad. I usually never eat salads as my meal and in the past two days, three of my meals were salads. I never thought that I would actually like eating salad without dressing, but with the right ingredients salads are amazing.

I have to starting learning to take pictures of our meals with our good camera and not just my phone.

I’m looking forward to this year of change and blogging about our life style change.

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