Psalm 108:14

“We will triumph with the help of God, who will trample down our foes.”

Today I was feeling like I was going to get any writing done, just like yesterday. I set a pretty high monthly word count for myself, and I find myself doubting my ability to accomplish it. The funny thing is that God gives us strength to fight against our personal demons of self-doubt and fear because all of a sudden today Psalm 108:14 came into my head. At that moment I knew that I could triumph over my fear and made a huge dent in my word count.

I leave you with a no cost trip to an amazing library, I can’t wait to finally get to see the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin. Dreams do come true!

Thanks for coming to visit!

There is a Plan

Today was looking through my bookshelf to see what could get thrown away; I found papers, journals, and old poetry I knew I had. What really surprised me though was one simple piece of paper. I found my PLAN test results from tenth grade. Here is what plan is used for:

“The PLAN® program helps 10th graders build a solid foundation for future academic and career success and provides information needed to address school districts’ high-priority issues. It is a comprehensive guidance resource that helps students measure their current academic development, explore career/training options, and make plans for the remaining years of high school and post-graduation years.”

I’ve seen this paper many times when I go to purge my belongings, what I never noticed before was that in the Career Area You Preferred section I wrote down: Creative and Preforming Arts. I’ve had this paper for ten years and I never once realized that after I first read the test score.

It makes me happy to know that I am actively pursuing my preferred career area.

The other thing I did today was researching a trip across to Ireland for my novel, and stumbled across this article my friend posted: Why you should travel young.

My heart and soul are ready for all the journeys that are in store for me both on paper and in my own life. One day I will get to see places I can only dream of now, thankfully it’s only a mouse click away!



Inspiration Strikes!

The title of this blog was written two days ago, but now my focus had shifted to inspiration to travel. If I could I would book every single Adventures by Disney itinerary and spend the year traveling.

Dublin is a must.

So is Santorini, Greece:

New York I’ll soon be able to cross off the list!

All I know is that I want to travel the world one day!

I hope that soon I will get better at posting on a more regular basis, I think it’s time to come up with a set blog schedule.