Finding My Treasure

So I had intended this post was supposed to go out yesterday but here goes nothing…

Since May of 2007, I’ve had four left knee dislocations. The four culprits in chronological order: I’ve tripped when running, tripped upstairs when going to class, tripped on a sidewalk during VBS, and lastly I  dislocated my knee while doing jumping jacks.

Beginning in January, I experienced new pain in my knee on the left side of my knee. I took a break from working out trying knee therapy exercise instead but nothing worked. I scheduled an appointment with a knee specialist at the beginning of May. It took less than five minutes for him to recommend surgery after hearing my symptoms and viewing my x-rays. It got to where it hurt to walk as I waited to have the surgery.

On June 4, I underwent knee surgery on my left knee. I had a medial patella-femoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction and arthroscopic chondroplasty. According to Emory Healthcare, “Medial patella-femoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction is a procedure used to correct serious and recurring dislocation of the kneecap. MPFL is the major ligament which stabilizes the patella and helps in preventing patellar subluxation (partial dislocation) or dislocation.” Arthroscopic chondroplasy is done to repair an area of damage cartilage in the knee.

On Wednesday, my stitches were removed. I got to view the arthroscope images taken during surgery. The scope showed that there’s a spot on the underside of my knee cap that has a high level of arthritic damage (a four on a five point scale).

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During the last four weeks, I’ve been focusing my time, thoughts, and energy on my knee and my recovery. While reading today’s Gospel, Matthew 6:19-25, the following verse stood out to me:

Matthew 6:21   “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”

I’ve been focused on what all this stuff with my knee means now and began to loose perspective. While I was still praying, I lost sight of the grace and strength God can provide as I focus on my recovery. The verse reminded me that my treasure is not in things of this earth. While I could choose to  spend all my time focusing on my knee, I need to remind myself to balance my attention. I know that God provides for the smallest of creatures on earth and in that same way He provides for me. Each day I get stronger physically and spiritually, and each day I’m learning how to trust God with my knee recovery.

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Focus Shift

All afternoon I’ve been struggling to find a topic to post about today.

I’ve been fixated on what I didn’t have. The words I couldn’t write and the workout I couldn’t do because of the cough I’ve had for a week. I was frustrated. I wanted to give up.

But as I was getting ready for bed I decided to shift my focus on the positive, and move forward. I set my eyes on adding that tenth link to my Write Chain.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to pursue my writing. I want to embrace every single moment of it. So I’ve decided to shift the focus of my Write Chain Challenge goal. The stress of coming up with a blog post everyday has taken the joy out of writing.

I pledge to write 500 words or a blog post every day as part of the #WriteChain Challenge.

There are times in life where we have to simply reevaluate a goal we have set. It’s not failure, it’s adaptation. I’m adapting my goal in order to become a better writer. I have remind myself to focus on the positive. Negatively and self-doubt is an old habit. But I know that the only way that I will become a better person and a better writer is to see everything in my life positively.

I could stay frustrated that I haven’t worked out in a week because of my cold. Or I could focus on the 5.2 pounds I’ve lost! I choose to focus on the successes in my life and all the great things God has given to me!

5 Big Healthy Eating Tips

Fitness and healthy eating are now a huge part of my life. Healthy eating has become a habit and most of the time it’s easy. I have to admit that while eating a salad at Chick-fil-a I had massive cravings for some Chick-fil-a nuggets! I will admit that the Chick-fil-a nuggets are a huge comfort food for me but I stuck it out and tried to enjoy my salad. Fighting cravings is hard but over time it does get easier.

Here are my 5 tips for healthy eating:

1. Don’t buy junk food and don’t allow it in your home.


This one is simple. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it

2. Shop the perimeter of the super market.


The perimeter of the grocery store, typically houses fresh foods such as produce, meats, and cheeses. Stick to the perimeter and avoid processed foods. Only go to the inner aisle when you have a specific thing to buy.

Eat real food!

3. Pay attention to the ingredient list.


Check out some of the ingredients in Sunny D. Corn syrup, less that 2% of the juices, canola oil. Sucralose. Not something you want to put into your body.

Here’s one of my favorite snacks:


Here’s the ingredient list: pure sea salt, sprouted chia seeds, organic sprouted quinoa, sweet potato, stone ground non-GMA corn, and sunflower oil. Now that’s something worth eating, you know exactly what your eating and none of it is chemicals.

Don’t just read the front package, pay attention to the ingredients inside your favorite foods.

4. Drink Water!


5. Don’t call it a diet.

The word diet has such a negative connotation. It feels restrictive. We’ve all tried “diets” and failed. When you view it as a living a healthy lifestyle or lifestyle change. You are able to see your healthy eating in a positive light. You don’t feel restricted or denied. You feel empowered. You feel stronger. Change you inner voice vocabulary and see what a difference it makes in your life.


I hope these 5 tips helped!

Comment below if there is another diet or fitness topic you’d like me to write about.

Habits…good, bad, ugly.

Habits. The good, the bad, the ugly. Our habits shape us, even when we don’t realize it. While it’s true that without our habits, it would be very unlikely that anything would ever get done. Brushing our teeth, driving, taking a shower, eating dinner, and working out. These are just a few good habits that we develop that help to make us the best version of ourselves. But then there our bad habits – watching TV and mindlessly eating that bag of chips, nail biting, procrastination, and laziness. We do these things without thinking. But these small habits do nothing to help create a better version of ourselves. It is said that it take 28 days to create a new habit, less than one month. Next week, I start the 21 Day Fix back up after vacation and I’m looking forward to creating a better version of ourselves. So what habit can you create in the next 28? Besides fitness, My goal is to starting posting a blog post everyday, in addition to my daily personal and spiritual development. 9964439824_8f9a8d5d32_z Please share this on Facebook!

Where’s the Finish Line?

I don’t know if you are familiar with the app Timehop. The apps tagline is “What did you do 1 year ago today?”

It’s on my phone but I really don’t pay attention to it most of the time. But for whatever reason I opened it, discovered that 7 years ago I was down to using one crutch and a knee brace after I dislocated my knee. Since then I’ve dislocated my knee three more times. So as you can imagine I’ve been on a up and down cycle for 7 years with fitness coinciding with my injures.

My latest dislocation occurred after running two 5K’s last year. I was doing jumping jacks with a trainer, and in a split second my knee gave out. I was devastated. I was already planning do complete my first half marathon later this year. After visiting my doctor, I was given two choices. Surgery. Or Working Out.

And for a while I was doing really well at keeping up with exercising in order to strengthen my knee. I soon became bored with the same routines and the same machines day after day, so for a while I wasn’t doing anything. Not a good idea. If you don’t use your muscles you loose them.

At the beginning of July I heard about Piyo by Chalene Johnson and wanted to give a try. A no impact workout was exactly what I needed. I’m only 3 weeks into the program. But that hasn’t stopped me from gaining muscles strength in my arms and legs. Plus, for the first time ever I can touch my toes!

I’m pumped to continue on this journey and excited to run my third 5K in 103 days! Who know’s maybe I’ll even beat my time of 40 minutes and 39.2 seconds.

Never let you past limit what you do today!