Never Give Up

So I failed my first Write Chain Challenge and broke my chain after only 14 days.

It’s a failure. Yet I learned so much from those 14 days.

1. Never Give Up

The most successful people fail all the time. The difference is that they don’t give up. They keep trying until they discover what works. They keep working towards their goal even when it is hard.

So that is what I’m going to do, I’m not giving up. This time around I will get more than 14 links for the Write Chain Challenge 

2. Build a Habit

Building new habits is hard. There are called habits because they are something we do without thinking about it, good or bad. We have a habit to brush are teeth everyday. Driving a car is a habit. We do these things without having to think about every step.

Writing everyday isn’t an easy task. It is a habit that you need to build. You have to decide when’s the best time of day for you to write. I’m learning that it’s better for me to write in the morning because it ensures that it gets done and my brain is fresh.

3. I love writing.

It’s plain and simple. I love writing!

Never give up and

Dream without Limitations!

4 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

How do you find a topic to write about when you have no ideas?

It can happen to the best of us. You’re frozen in front of your keyboard, or notebook, and have no idea where to start. Today I had a case of Writer’s Block and had no idea what today’s post was going to be about until I turned to Twitter.

Here are my tips to beating the dreaded Writer’s Block:

1. Twitter. Twitter is a double edge sword. If you find the right people to follow, Twitter can be a great source of inspiration. Case in point: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Skye, creator of the Write Chain Challenge and founder of Writerology. After I tweeted that I had no clue what to write today, Skye suggested I write a blog post on how to find a topic when you have no ideas. Without Twitter today’s blog post would not exist.

Through, I would suggest turning off you Twitter notifications once you actually sit down to write! 😛

2. Pinterest. Yet another double edge sword. My suggestion is to create a board full of ideas to inspire you when you need a little extra push to get your creative juices flowing. Just be careful not to end up salivating over the latest Fall boots or the latest pumpkin spice recipe.

Here’s my writing Pinterest board: Writing Inspiration

It’s a work in progress. Anybody know some great writers to follow on Pinterest?

3. Read. Pick up a book from your favorite author, your current personal development book, the Bible, or even a book on writing. Just spend time savoring the words on the page.


One of the newest writing books in my collection is “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves. It was a birthday present from my husband. It is a great source of inspiration as a writer.

4. Exercise. It’s a great way to relief the stress of not knowing what to write, and you just might find a blog topic some where along the way.

What are your favorite ways to beat with Writer’s Block?

Top 3 Tips for Writing Everyday

This is my seventh blog post in a row, and I figured it was time to create a posting schedule. My daily blogging schedule with rotate between posts on faith and posts on writing.

Today, I wanted to share with you my top three tips for writing everyday. I haven’t been at writing/blog for long, but I wanted to share with you what has helped me as I begin my writing journey.

1. Write Chain 

I found out about the Write Chain Challenge on Twitter from Skye from Writerology.

The concept is simple. Decide on the writing goal you want to achieve everyday, and work to create the biggest consecutive Write Chain you can.

Click here for more information and to sign up: Write Chain Challenge

Here’s my current write chain, my visual reminder that I need to write one blog post everyday in order to keep my Write Chain going.IMG_3092

2. Creating your own writing space

Find a place that motivates you to write. It can be anywhere you’re most comfortable: coffee shop, couch, desk, outside, or kitchen table. It needs to be comfortable and conducive to long writing sessions. Find a space, make it your own, and the words will follow.


3. Writing Community

Surround yourself with other writers, either virtually or in person. It is vital to set up a support system to aid you on your journey to becoming a writing. One of my favorite was to connect virtually to other writers is Twitter. Twitter is a great social media tool for writers, helping you make connections with other writers. Use hashtags such as #amwriting #WriteChain or #writing to search for other writers.


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For the past nine months, I’ve been hearing an invitation to listen closely to my heart to discover my needs, talents, desires.

Here’s a bit of a Spoiler Alert for Season 8, Episode 4 – the latest episode hinged on the idea that we talk to ourselves when we’re alone because there is something hiding just out of sight.

Isn’t the same true in most of our lives? There is always something just out of our sight that we keep being drawn to.

For me this has always been writing. I have notebooks filled with poems and short stories from when I was younger. I have an memory of being at a Girl Scout career event, probably in middle school. When I was asked what I wanted to do with my life, I replied that I wanted to become a writer. For the first two years of high school, I was in yearbook. But in between Sophomore and Junior year, writing became something that I pushed to the outskirts of my life and it has remained hidden ever since. In the last several years, I’ve heard the writing siren call many times. A couple times in the last several years, I tried to pursue writing but it always got pushed aside by the busyness at work and was soon forgotten.

Earlier this year I felt called to discern my role as a teacher, in addition to my roles in Young Adult Ministry, writing, Beachbody and volunteering. I finally started listening to my true needs, talents, and desires. I discovered that my role as a teacher was holding me back from being able to fulfill my needs, talents, and desires. I decided that I need to take a step back from teaching in order to discover how God is calling me to use my talents. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I can see now that I was being held back from seeing my own potential.

I listened to the voices lurking in the darkness. I faced the scary monster underneath the bed. I am now learning to embrace the writer within me, and seeing where this journey leads me.15022817938_b20340a3d2_o

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