2019: A look back

As I began to write this I sat in bed holding my little girl while she peacefully napped away. I started to ponder all the changes that have happened in the past year. It’s the end of a year and the end of the most significant decade of my life. This decade brought me my marriage to my amazing husband and brought us our beautiful baby girl.

We started off 2019 impatiently waiting for our sweet baby girl who decided to skip right over her due date to arrive a whole 9 days late. She also arrived counter to the birth plan I had in my head. We would end up waiting two full days from the moment we were admitted to the hospital to our sweet baby’s arrival. It took a failed induction, a moment where the medicine needed to begin the induction process would stress out our little baby but thankfully that was quickly remedied, iv pain meds, an epidural, and finally a C-section as I only had progressed 4 cm and my contractions weren’t strong enough.

I still cannot believe how quickly we went from the decision to have a C-section to having a baby in our arms. It took all of 20 minutes. It was hard, I remember feeling nauseous after I got moved to the operating table in the cold operating room and needing an alcohol swab under my nose to help but even that didn’t keep me from getting sick. I remember our Doctor singing along with “I just haven’t Meet You Yet” by Michael Buble and then finally meeting our little girl, checks and all!

I never imagined needing to stretch my arms on a cold table to bring our daughter into the world. I faintly remember that in the briefest moment of clarity I was able to unite it all to Christ’s suffering.

God has lead me through so many ups and downs in this first year of motherhood. I’m learning how desperately I need to cling to Him in prayer to have the graces I need to love well, especially when I’m tired. I cling ever the more to Our Blessed Mother wanting just a mustard seed of her motherly Grace to get me through the longest of days. This year I have seen just how much my heart has been changed through loving our daughter. How God has used her little heart to lead me to trust in Him a little more every day. It is not an easy road but the joy in my daughter’s eyes when she looks at us is worth more than gold. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings and all the moments we’ll share with our daughter as she grows, yet I desperately wish time would slow down.

I thought it would be fun to write down some of my favorite things from this past year.

Favorite Book: The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek

Favorite Song: Run to the Father by Matt Maher

New to me Favorite artist: JJ Heller

Favorite Food: Detour Doughnuts

Favorite trip: It’s too hard to choose between seeing tons of family in Florida (and them meeting Baby A) and surprising the in-laws this Thanksgiving and them finally meeting their Granddaughter.

Favorite baby product: Earth Mama diaper balm

2020 Word of the year: Engage

Happy New Year! May God bless you and your family! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web. I hope to start posting on here every week! Wish me luck!