Finding My Treasure

So I had intended this post was supposed to go out yesterday but here goes nothing…

Since May of 2007, I’ve had four left knee dislocations. The four culprits in chronological order: I’ve tripped when running, tripped upstairs when going to class, tripped on a sidewalk during VBS, and lastly I  dislocated my knee while doing jumping jacks.

Beginning in January, I experienced new pain in my knee on the left side of my knee. I took a break from working out trying knee therapy exercise instead but nothing worked. I scheduled an appointment with a knee specialist at the beginning of May. It took less than five minutes for him to recommend surgery after hearing my symptoms and viewing my x-rays. It got to where it hurt to walk as I waited to have the surgery.

On June 4, I underwent knee surgery on my left knee. I had a medial patella-femoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction and arthroscopic chondroplasty. According to Emory Healthcare, “Medial patella-femoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction is a procedure used to correct serious and recurring dislocation of the kneecap. MPFL is the major ligament which stabilizes the patella and helps in preventing patellar subluxation (partial dislocation) or dislocation.” Arthroscopic chondroplasy is done to repair an area of damage cartilage in the knee.

On Wednesday, my stitches were removed. I got to view the arthroscope images taken during surgery. The scope showed that there’s a spot on the underside of my knee cap that has a high level of arthritic damage (a four on a five point scale).

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During the last four weeks, I’ve been focusing my time, thoughts, and energy on my knee and my recovery. While reading today’s Gospel, Matthew 6:19-25, the following verse stood out to me:

Matthew 6:21   “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”

I’ve been focused on what all this stuff with my knee means now and began to loose perspective. While I was still praying, I lost sight of the grace and strength God can provide as I focus on my recovery. The verse reminded me that my treasure is not in things of this earth. While I could choose to  spend all my time focusing on my knee, I need to remind myself to balance my attention. I know that God provides for the smallest of creatures on earth and in that same way He provides for me. Each day I get stronger physically and spiritually, and each day I’m learning how to trust God with my knee recovery.

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4 thoughts on “Finding My Treasure

  1. SR says:

    Loved this post and thanks for sharing. You poor thing!!! Prayers are with and for you.

    On another note you sound like my daughter, who I call “Grace,” because she is always tripping over something and breaking something. She has been this way since childhood! When she takes a fall she always tells the doctor, “My Mom calls me Grace.” She absolutely possesses no grace at all! 🙂

    Loved your post! God Bless, SR

    • shewriteswithhope says:

      SR, I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you for your prayers! I generally go in spurts from graceful to possessing no grace at all. I once fell down a half a flight of stairs in high school, still have no clue how I managed that. 😉 God Bless, Stacy

  2. izzyszn says:

    I’ve gotten knee surgery before for tearing my meniscus. You would think that after that strenuous process my knees would be 100%. Unfortunately, they still dislocate from time to time. Concentrate on strength training! It will do wonders 🙂 And I’m not saying you have to do it 5x a week.. simply 2x done correctly will go along way. You need to build up your hamstrings as well as your quads!

    • shewriteswithhope says:

      Izzyszn, Ouch! That’s no fun. I was trying to work on doing strength training before to strengthen my hamstrings and quads. Now I just need to make sure I stay disciplined once I’m cleared to workout. God Bless.

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