Focus Shift

All afternoon I’ve been struggling to find a topic to post about today.

I’ve been fixated on what I didn’t have. The words I couldn’t write and the workout I couldn’t do because of the cough I’ve had for a week. I was frustrated. I wanted to give up.

But as I was getting ready for bed I decided to shift my focus on the positive, and move forward. I set my eyes on adding that tenth link to my Write Chain.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to pursue my writing. I want to embrace every single moment of it. So I’ve decided to shift the focus of my Write Chain Challenge goal. The stress of coming up with a blog post everyday has taken the joy out of writing.

I pledge to write 500 words or a blog post every day as part of the #WriteChain Challenge.

There are times in life where we have to simply reevaluate a goal we have set. It’s not failure, it’s adaptation. I’m adapting my goal in order to become a better writer. I have remind myself to focus on the positive. Negatively and self-doubt is an old habit. But I know that the only way that I will become a better person and a better writer is to see everything in my life positively.

I could stay frustrated that I haven’t worked out in a week because of my cold. Or I could focus on the 5.2 pounds I’ve lost! I choose to focus on the successes in my life and all the great things God has given to me!