Top 3 Tips for Writing Everyday

This is my seventh blog post in a row, and I figured it was time to create a posting schedule. My daily blogging schedule with rotate between posts on faith and posts on writing.

Today, I wanted to share with you my top three tips for writing everyday. I haven’t been at writing/blog for long, but I wanted to share with you what has helped me as I begin my writing journey.

1. Write Chain 

I found out about the Write Chain Challenge on Twitter from Skye from Writerology.

The concept is simple. Decide on the writing goal you want to achieve everyday, and work to create the biggest consecutive Write Chain you can.

Click here for more information and to sign up: Write Chain Challenge

Here’s my current write chain, my visual reminder that I need to write one blog post everyday in order to keep my Write Chain going.IMG_3092

2. Creating your own writing space

Find a place that motivates you to write. It can be anywhere you’re most comfortable: coffee shop, couch, desk, outside, or kitchen table. It needs to be comfortable and conducive to long writing sessions. Find a space, make it your own, and the words will follow.


3. Writing Community

Surround yourself with other writers, either virtually or in person. It is vital to set up a support system to aid you on your journey to becoming a writing. One of my favorite was to connect virtually to other writers is Twitter. Twitter is a great social media tool for writers, helping you make connections with other writers. Use hashtags such as #amwriting #WriteChain or #writing to search for other writers.


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