Silence will Fall

Silence. Silence will fail. Where’s the Doctor when you need him? 

We find ourselves constantly surrounded by noise. 

If you do a Google search on “silence” there are 66,200,000 results.

When given the choice between silence or TV/Youtube/Vine/Facebook/Instagram, which would you choose?

Far too often I find myself choosing the later. Instead of embracing the silence, I find some way to fill it. Even if it is mindless television like Masterchef, or mindlessly looking at Facebook or Instagram. Oftentimes, when I’m alone I feel as though that silence is a painful experience. As though The Silence are lurking in the darkness.

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The purpose of The Silence was to make us forget, which is a pretty terrifying idea for fictitious being.

In real life, silence is there to enable us to become the best version of ourselves. It is only in the silence that we are able to reflect and grow as the person God created us to be. Silence is meant to be embraced.

We feel the need to constantly check our phone, and there is now a medical diagnose for the fear of loosing your phone: Nomophobia

We spend hours on social media. We take quizzes about which Disney character we are. We say we have no time to become the best versions of ourselves, but use our free time to watch tv or troll on Facebook. I’m guilty of this. In fact, as I wrote my first draft, I had three tabs open on my browser. One was Facebook, one was a ‘Which ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Character Are You quiz, and the other was my blog post. I think multitasking is a national pastime. 

I’ve come to realize that there is nothing wrong with using social media, watching tv, or even taking silly quizzes. However, in order to become the best versions of ourselves we must challenge ourselves to use these quiet moments to lead us closer to the person we’d like to become. We must read personal development books to learn how to become a better person. You must practice the hobby you always wanted to master. Or write the book you always wanted to write. We must remind ourselves that silence is not a bad thing.

Silence allows ourselves to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

What is one way you can incorporate silence into your daily routine?


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