Be the best you!

I recently started reading “The Rhythm of Life- Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose” by Matthew Kelly. 

While waiting in the doctors office, this line jumped from the page:

“Our modern culture proclaims with all its force: What you do and what you have are the most important things.”

Matthew Kelly continues by saying that what we do and what we have are not the most important elements in life.

This so clearly explains the inner turmoil I’ve been feeling. Our society is constantly asking the question “What do you do?”  I no longer feel like I have a concrete  answer to this questions. My answer used to be simple but now I can no longer can reply, “I’m a teacher.”

It’s not that I’m not doing anything. I’m not just sitting on the coach and eating bonbons all day. 

Although, with the headaches I’ve had all week I’ve been doing a little more of this than normal.

My answer to that question is no longer simple or straight forward. I’m struggling with not have one single identify. Instead, I have multiple interests I am focusing my attention on. Church ministry, Beachbody, writing, volunteering, among other things. I could have never done this while I was still teaching. I finally have a chance to develop friendships after three years of living in Texas.

I’m struggling with not having a set schedule. But I’m working on it. I just rearranged our office yesterday, and today I’m sitting down to type out a blog post. 

I’m looking forward to focusing this truth – “Embrace this one solitary truth- you were born to become the-best-verison-of-yourself- and it will change your life more than anything you have ever learned.” ~Matthew Kelly