During the Easter Vigil of March 2013, Pope Francis said the following, “Brothers and sisters, let us not be closed to the newness God wants to bring into our lives.”

Let that sink into your heart, “Let us not be closed to the newness God wants to bring into our lives.”

I think that so often we find ourselves closed off to anything that brings change into our lives. The thing is change can be a good thing if we let ourselves be open to it. Recently, I have had to learn how to be open to the newness God had in store for my life. It began with a not so ideal situation at work, but it has blossomed into an amazing opportunity for personal development. These changes have allowed me to pursue writing, and devote myself to maintaining my blog. It even sparked my new blog name: She Writes With Hope.

I have so much hope in my heart through the love of Christ. It is because of the love of Christ that I am able to be open to this new season of my life.

One thought on “Newness

  1. Brian_87! says:

    They say change is the law of nature and it is change that breeds ‘newness’ in life. We all are skeptic about change, neither do we appreciate the sudden arrival nor we want to leave the comfort zone. This is the way it goes with us 🙂 But then God has his own ways and we cannot challenge them!

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