Chasing a Dream


Two years ago I published my last blog post. This makes me realize that it’s been two years since I last put pencil to paper and my fingers to the keyboard for the purpose of writing.

In these two years I let the obligations of work, family, friends, and church get in the way of pursuing my passion to write. Day after day, I would claim that I had no time. After months past, I realized I hadn’t thought of writing at all. Months past, and before I knew it had been two years since I last spent time writing.

In the last month, I have slowly started to dive back into the world of writing.
I’ve started use my twitter account and have started to follow writers, editors, and writing organizations to help motivate me in my writing journey.

I can call myself a writer because I find joy in the process. I may not have written a novel, and I may never complete one but I still I am a writer.

I am excited to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this July, I have a project in my mind but my only expectation is to write everyday to try to meet my goal of writing 50,000 word in one month.

I write to find my voice. I write to discover who I am.

Signing out,


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