Just Say No….


Rice has been eliminated from our diet, for the second time this year. My husband and I are still trying figure out the balance between healthy eating and budget. For now we’re sticking to a mainly chicken diet and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

It was only a few years ago when I spent a year living by myself and started learning how to cook. At the time I had a lot going for me to keep myself at a healthy weight, I lived in the city and walked everywhere. At one point I was even walking forty minutes a day due to my student teaching gig. Between the busyness of student teaching and the walking I was doing I was pretty healthy. Fast forwarding to the present, both my husband and I have realized that we need to make changes in our lifestyle. Right now that means removing unnecessary carbohydrates from our diet.

I am learning to be a better cook, continually searching out recipes that are cheap and easy to prepare. My go to recipes lately have been Chicken Afritata, Chicken Nilaga, and Chicken Asado. The great thing about these dishes is that they are easy to cook and have lots of vegetables. The website I’ve been using lately is Overseaspinoycooking.net. Using their recipes I’ve gotten great results and more confidence in cooking Filipino food for my husband.

One of the things that has struck me as I cook these dishes is how much they remind me of home. Now keep in mind that I’m not Filipino, I married into an amazing Filipino family and while dating my husband spent time in their families homes growing to love the food they prepared. We now live 13 hours away from home but our sense of smell keeps us connected. I never really had this feeling before, this connection with food. I think one reason why is that a lot of the recipes include fish sauce, which has a very strong smell and had taken me some time to get used to. But these smells carry with them the memory of the family we love back home and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

In many ways, this connection reminds me of our connection with God.  In food terms, the stronger the Filipino dish is in aroma the more connected I am to home. Spiritually, the stronger my prayer life is the stronger my connection is with God. This past week, I’ve been impacted my 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” I have been doing my best to put this into practice, using times of anxiety as times of prayer. May God Bless you as you start this week, and thank you for visiting my blog!


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