Free writing isn’t a completely new concept to me, I took a class last year that introduced me to the concept. However, I was never really able to use it and see it’s value at the time. If you don’t know what free writing is here is brief description: boiled down its a writing method where you write anything and everything that comes to mind within a certain amount of time, standard is about 10 minutes. You don’t worry about spelling or grammar or being perfect. You are supposed to let one thought lead to another without analyzing the content coming out.

Before, it seemed be a neat concept and wondered if it would actually help me in the writing process. But last night in an attempt to fall asleep, I set off on a free writing journey on my phone. (BTW, Windows Phone is a writers dream. Easy access to all my word documents via Skydrive.) Anyways, I started just writing about everything going on, just emptying my brain and I started coming up with ideas for my story. I think I might share my 30 second story synopsis when I get it fully developed.

I also had a realization while watching Dawson’s Creek, don’t hate. I realized that stories are repeated. But it’s the setting and the characters that determine the story’s outcome. This comes to me with relief as a new writer, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, I just have to make the wheel more interesting.

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